We are so excited to be the team you selected to capture your Wedding Day memories and are looking forward to creating a most unique video keepsake for you.


Your video should be ready in approximately 3-5 months after we have received all the necessary materials (ie: pictures, optional music, editing format sheet, invitation, etc.) The sooner we receive everything, the sooner your edited video will be completed, so please be sure to forward everything needed to begin, ASAP. Please read below for a more detailed explanation and time frames of the video editing process.


If you would like to get your Raw Footage prior to our starting the edit or if you would like to add more features/enhancements to your wedding video, please see the "Video Enhancement Prices" below for ordering instructions.


Abella Studios' finalized edited wedding videos run approximately 20-25 minutes in length (short-from edit) unless you wish to upgrade to the "long-form" edit which runs approximately 30-45 minutes. Depending on the features you chose to include in your package and the footage at your wedding, the actual time may slightly vary, but will almost never exceed 75 minutes to ensure the best possible quality after compression to fit onto the DVD. 


All Abella Studios' "short-form" edited wedding videos are edited in a Highlights style, set to music with some live audio bits such as vows, exchange of rings, toasts, etc. The "long-form" style edit includes a Pre-Cap / Re-Cap (a Highlights of the Wedding Day) that is placed in the beginning or sometimes end of the video. The Early Years Photo Montage, Invitation Scroll, Full edited wedding video, Honeymoon Montage and Closing Credits will follow in the listed order as included in your package.


Due to the creativity and storytelling we incorporate into every one of our Wedding Videos, it takes approximately 3-5 months to complete the editing of your Wedding Video AFTER we receive all the required deliverables, as shown in 1-6 below. Please refer to your Abella Studios Service Agreement to check the features/enhancements included in your package and, if applicable, please provide the following:


1. Editing Format Sheet (must be completed with every edited video package, the editing process will NOT begin without this form). Please see link to the form below...


2. Music...In recent times, as record labels have been more proactively asking wedding video production companies to refrain from using copyrighted music, even for wedding customers' personal use, we have been doing our best to honor their requests. We definitely want to avoid any possibility of law suits against ourselves and especially against our clients and therefore have made it very simple to build music into the videos we create. That is, to take it upon ourselves to work that creative magic and select all of the royalty free music tracks for videos to go along with the visual storyline of the day. Allowing our editors to select the music will make the entire process easier for our clients and we believe that they will be happier with the end result by allowing us to have full reign over the creative editing process.


Although the above option does work for the vast majority of our clients - unfortunately it does not work for them all. So, for those who still prefer to be part of the music selection process, we came up with a couple of other options they can choose from...


     - Option 1. They can visit ibAudio. We have purchased an ongoing license to use the music tracks that are produced by musicians on this site. Our clients can browse this library of music, copy and paste the URLs of the tracks they really liked into the editing format sheet and the editor will build them into their video.


     - Option 2. They can visit SongFreedom, select the Wedding category and choose from a vast library of mainstream music including such artists as One Republic, Colbie Caillat, Plain White T's, Train, Etta James, Sixpense None The Richer, Lady Gaga, Frank Sinatra, Phillip Phillips, Ben Rector and many more. Simply sign up as a user, download the song(s) they wish to use in their video. Purchase the license to use the song (typically $9-$49). Send us the song(s) with the license for each song they are sending to be used in the video. Each client has to purchase a separate license to use for each video. It is a single use license...


3. Early Years Photo Montage - 15 Photos. We suggest that you include 5 photos each of the bride and groom growing up and 5 photos of the bride and groom together (dating years). Please number the pictures on the back in the order you wish for them to appear (1-15). This is very important. If the pictures are not numbered, we cannot be responsible for incorrectly ordering the pictures in the video. If you wish to use more than 15 images, please feel free to add them to your order on the editing format sheet at $7.50 each.


NEW! Double the images in your Photo Montage at no charge, by providing us with .jpg image files rather than hard copy prints. See editing format sheet for more details.

4. Your Wedding Invitation (if part of your package).


5. Closing Credits - Please provide a typewritten list in Text or MS-Word format file, of all the individuals you wish to list in the credits, in the following order: Parents of the Bride, Parents of the Groom, Maid/Matron of Honor, Best Man, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen/Ushers, Flower Girls, Ring Bearers, Readers (if any). Please note: When parents of the bride/groom are married, their names should appear with an "and" for example, Ana and Phillip Jacobs. When parents of the bride/groom are divorced, their names should appear on a separate line, for example, Ana Jacobs (and on the next line) Phillip Jacobs.


6. Honeymoon Photo Montage - 10 Photos. Please number the pictures on the back in the order you wish for them to appear (1-10). This is very important. If the pictures are not numbered, we cannot be responsible for incorrectly ordering the pictures in the video. If you wish to use more than 10 images, please feel free to add them to your order on the editing format sheet at $7.50 each.


NEW! Double the images in your Photo Montage at no charge, by providing us with .jpg image files rather than hard copy prints. See editing format sheet for more details.


If not part of your video package, Raw footage may be purchased for $245+tax on Archived DVDs. To order Raw Footage, please call, email or add it to your editing format sheet and provide the following information: Your name and wedding date, whether you would like the Raw Footage shipped (shipping & handling cost of $30 applies) or you would like to pick it up at our studio during our regular office hours (please call to set up an appointment). You may also view the current pricing of video related add-ons below, should you need anything else related to the video...


Please keep in mind that Raw Footage is exactly that, RAW FOOTAGE. You may see sudden camera movements, some shakiness, etc. Because the audio during the vows, etc. is captured on a separate channel, it may not sound very clear on the RAW tape. All this can and will be adjusted during the editing process. Our Raw Footage price includes ONLY the transfer of your Raw Footage from the digital tapes / files we record your wedding onto your DVD. It does not include any type of editing, therefore, you may also experience "drop outs", which are momentary lapses of the camera recording and may show a glimpse of previously recorded footage. This is normal and obviously, will not appear on your Edited Video. It takes approximately 2-4 weeks from the time the order is placed to receive your raw footage. As always, we ask you you please keep in mind that delivery timeframes unfortunately are not in stone and may vary based on seasonal workload. 


Standard DVDs are also called Straight Burn DVDs or Archived DVDs. Although, the footage on the DVD itself is identical to the authored DVDs, the interface is different. Standard/Archived DVDs do not have set iconed picture chapters. Instead, they have "chapter points" that occur approximately every 3-5 minutes, so to navigate the Archived DVD you would need to continually click "next" on the remote.


Enhanced DVDs are also called Authored DVDs. They have customized interactive icons representing the various chapters that you are able to click on, in order to view a particular segment of video, ie: vows, first dance, etc. If not already in your package, you may wish to upgrade to Authored DVDs for an additional cost of $250.00. The cost of additional Authored copies are the same as the Archived DVDs ($50).


When the editing of your video is completed, we will call you to schedule a pick-up time. You may pick up your video during our regularly scheduled office hours (M-Fri 11AM-6PM), but please call to schedule a pick-up time regardless, so we can have everything ready for you.


You may also choose to have your video shipped for a shipping & handling cost of $30. Although, easier, we do not recommend shipping your video due to potential loss. If it is at all possible, please make every effort to pick up the videos in our studio.


Please keep in mind that all of the DVDs created by our studio are on DVD-R media, which is in line with current Wedding & Event Industry standards, and will only play in DVD-R compatible players. If you are not sure whether your player is DVD-R compatible, try playing the DVD and if you see any of the following symptoms, chances are your player is not compatible: Skipping, Stuttering, Stalling, Audio Drop Outs, DVD just wont play, Starts and Stops, etc. Should any of these happen, please try your DVD in another player compatible with DVD-Rs and if this doesn't solve the problem, please let us know, as it is always possible that you may have a bad disk...


If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via telephone on 973-575-6633 or e-mail us at We are grateful to have been chosen to capture this Special Day in your lives and look forward to creating an heirloom to be cherished by generations to come.

To begin the video editing process, please complete the form below.


Best Regards,

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