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"Nestled away on 30-acres of picturesque grounds is The Palace at Somerset Park.  The splendid Newport homes of the Vanderbilts and Astors inspired this unique marriage between Continental craftsmanship and a New World sensibility."

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The Palace at Somerset Park | NJ Wedding Photography & Cinematography

As I look back and reflect on my wedding day, I’m reminded by the kind and loving words from our family and friends who celebrated us. They told us our wedding was “magical” and the Same Day Edit by Abella gave them “chills”. I honestly couldn’t agree more. Our photographer captured every loving glance, every little sparkle in our eyes, every beautiful moment with our friends and family. Abella captured the true essence of who we were as a couple without us even knowing they were there. Its also important to note that we had a large bridal party (26 people total), and our photographer learned every name and was able to organize everyone quickly because of it which was extremely impressive. But what truly blew our guests away was the same day edit. It was amazing how flawless the editing of the footage was from that morning and how it was timed so perfectly to the music we selected. It brought everyone to tears, especially my own, as I was finally able to sit back and see all the hard work and planning that went into this wedding. Booking Abella was the best decision I made and worth every single cent, and I’m beyond excited that we opted for a longer edited video of our wedding day. Can't wait to see the finished product!


The Palace at Somerset Park | NJ Wedding Photography & Cinematography

Abella studios was a recommended vendor for our venue, The Palace at Somerset Park, and I can see why. Our photographers were amazing and did all the photos we asked for. They were friendly and professional. I would have liked to have been given a few early photos at a preview, but we won't actually see any photos from the wedding for a few weeks. I'm confident they will be amazing.

Wendy, WeddingWire

For years I had been following Abella because I was in love with their work! I knew at some point I would want them to capture my wedding day. When my husband proposed, Abella was the first the vendor I called. I remember bringing my Nonna with me to the studio and she could not believe how beautiful their work was... I couldn't be more happy with our pictures/footage! Everything is absolutely STUNNING! ...Abella did more than just capture our wedding day, they truly supported us through the entire process! I plan to have Abella capture more special moments in our future!

Karissa, WeddingWire

The Palace at Somerset Park | NJ Wedding Photography & Cinematography
What Palace Clients About Us
The Palace at Somerset Park | NJ Wedding Photography & Cinematography

I did not book Abella, but my wife did and it was the best decision that she made. I told her to pick any photographers for the wedding and whatever she wanted, she would get it. Needless to say that the photographers had exceeded our expectations on the wedding day. The photographer was so easy to work with and there were some times where I would like to take pictures, they did not hesitate. Abella is definitely the company that I would trust, especially with the pictures that will last lifetime, and we are forever grateful for their time and patience.

Matthew, WeddingWire

We were very pleased with our decision to choose Abella for our wedding photos/video! The photographer and videographer worked well together and were both professional. They pulled us aside for a few pictures during the reception. These pictures came out great and it only took a few minutes, so we didn't feel like we were missing out on the reception. We were able to view the photos about 2 weeks after the wedding. There is a great selection to choose from. We can't wait to view the video and trailer. Definitely would recommend. 

Carolyn & Venroy,

The Palace at Somerset Park | NJ Wedding Photographer & Videographer
The Palace at Somerset Park | NJ Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Abella Studios was simply AMAZING for our wedding! The professionalism and talent our photographers and videographers displayed was simply admiring. They were all patient and really captured the beauty of our fairytale night. A wedding is already a long day as well as tiring and all three of those men kept it fun and allowed us to really capture so many amazing shots throughout the night. I will highly suggest anyone to use Abella Studios for their photographer and videographers for their special day !!

Kaitlyn, WeddingWire