Well, it's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work!


After all that planning, its finally over. The tuxedos are returned, the dress is put away, the flowers have wilted, so what now? Now is the time to put together the precious memories of your wedding day, so that you and your family can enjoy them for years to come. We have many options available for you, so please read carefully and submit your information as soon as possible, to help us create your finished album(s) and video as quickly as possible.


Photography: You will receive an email notification when your images are available for viewing on Shoot Proof. Please be sure to view and begin selecting your images for any orders, as the online wedding gallery is complimentary for 3 months and the engagement session gallery for 1 month from the date of being released. It may, at your request, be extended for an additional fee of $29.95 per month thereafter. 


If you would like to order enlargements or copies of any of the photographs, you may do so on Shoot Proof, or you may complete the "Portrait Order Form" found on the forms page.


If something you want is not available online, please contact the studio.


Next, you need to choose photographs that you would like to be included in your Bridal Album and/or the Parent Albums. Please see the "album design forms" for the various albums, thank you cards, folios, etc., as per your package so that we can begin processing your order(s). Our designers and graphic artists will digitally enhance your chosen images and design your album(s) based on your specifications and will have everything ready for your review.


Once you have had a chance to review and approve the final layout of your Bridal Album, your order will be processed, at which time all of your High Resolution Photos will become available for digital download. If you prefer to have the album(s) shipped to you, shipping & handling costs will apply. Please familiarize yourself with the 'album creation timeline', which is a detailed explanation of the album design process and approximately how long it should take to complete the design, layout and ordering of your album(s).


Please see the album catalog if you are interested in upgrading from the album(s) included in your package to one of our premium custom-designed albums such as the Charmed Designer Album, the Fairytale Fine Art Book, or the Timeless Radiance Coffee Table Book.


We thank you, once again, for choosing Abella Studios to document your Wedding Day.


Just when you thought it was all over....We give you more work...LOL...


We are sure you are going to love the final albums and/or video. We look forward to designing your masterpieces and exceeding your every expectation.


Best Regards,


Abella Studios Staff

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understanding YOUR IMAGES

Over the years, we have received many frequently asked questions related to images we provide our clients and decided to take some time to address them below.


1) IMAGE NUMBERS: Each of your images has a four-digit number associated with it. We will need for you to reference this number when ordering images for your albums, folios, portraits, etc.


2) THE 10 TO 1 RATIO: All Professional photography, whether it is wedding photography, fashion photography, or other styles, are based on a 10 to 1 ratio. What this means is that for every ten proofs/ pictures taken you should yield one acceptable picture. In example, from five to six hundred proofs shot at a wedding, you should have no trouble finding the 40-60 necessary to make up your bridal album. The same holds true with engagement sittings, family portraits, etc. If 10 - 20 pictures are taken, you should find 1 - 2 that you would be pleased with. Many times you will notice several pictures that are similar with little change in the posing. This is done to ensure that at least one picture within the "pose" will have your eyes open. So often people blink in response to the flash, that it may take 3-4 pictures to get one with the eyes open.


3) COLOR BALANCE / EXPOSURE: Some pictures will have a different coloring as you look at them. This can be caused by a number of things beyond our control. For example, in a church if we were forbidden to use a flash, the pictures will pick up a yellow tone. This is due to the strong incandescent lighting in churches. The flash would normally not only illuminate a scene, but also "bleach" it whiter in the process. Sometimes dim lighting, such as in the reception hall, which the Maitre'D controls, can yellow or darken a picture. In addition, colors themselves appear different between outdoors and indoors, something our brain compensates for at the moment, but cameras can not adjust to. In all of these instances the final picture can be processed in such a way as to bias the coloring in one direction or another. Please be aware that as one color changes, so will the others. We try to color balance in the final print for proper flesh tones. For example we assume you would rather have a true match of your natural skin color, even if it means the grass may not be quite as green. If the grass becomes greener so does your skin tone, and that would not be correct.


4) CROPPING: many of your images are shot in what is known as a " loose format". In other words the look of the proof is a little further away than the final printing. This gives us the flexibility to zoom in, or move around within the picture, giving the best possible final result. There are limitations to how much a picture can be cropped. For example everything must remain in proportion, you cannot crop on one side only, all four sides will be cropped proportionately. Some pictures naturally crop on their own as you enlarge them, some require additional cropping.


Here are some examples of pictures that crop themselves:


    - A 4" x 6" Proof will naturally lose 1 inch on each side of the wide side as you enlarge it to an 8" x 10"(otherwise it would be an 8" x 12").
    - A 5" x 5" Proof that is cropped into either a vertical or horizontal picture will lose approximately an inch on each side of the cropped sides of the picture as you enlarge it to an 8" x 10" (otherwise it would be an 10" x 10").

Here are some examples of items that may require additional cropping:


    - Vignetting the dark corners of a photograph caused by the lens shade (necessary to keep the sun from causing flare in a picture) on a very sunny day).
    - Wide Angle Shots: Purposely used for either an effect or very tight spaces but may have included some items on the sides that you may want to remove.


Removing elements such as wires, pipes, clutter, stop signs, exit signs, etc can only be cropped if the items are at the edge of a photograph, if they are not, this will require retouching and is performed at an hourly fee of $75.


5) SHADOWS: Usually uncontrollable. For example, if outdoors, the sun will cause shadows depending where it is in the sky. Sometimes the photographer may not be able to move you because of space limitations, or layout (including a specific background you may have wanted), or because moving you may have increased your eye(s) squinting. When indoor, if we are in a tight space, and you are positioned close to a wall, you will get shadows. There is nothing that could be done at the time of shooting, however retouching may be able to eliminate it and may be requested at an hourly fee of $75.