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Engagement Photo Sessions

Downtown Red Bank

Red Bank, New Jersey

Engagement photo shoots are a fun, low-stress way to capture the joy and excitement before you get married. Abella Studios helps couples throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania by offering multiple engagement packages that typically include an 45-60 minute engagement session as well as an online gallery, an online gallery, a print package, and MUCH MORE!

Abella Studios' engagement photos are a must-see! Your engagement photo session at

Downtown Red Bank, NJ

presents a perfect opportunity to work with and get to know one of our professional, friendly photographers as you practice loosening up in front of the camera prior to your BIG DAY.

You will be blown away by the creative approach our

Monmouth County

photographers use to capture the love and happiness in your photos, which is why our unique style ensures that you are left with amazing memories of a special day and lots of beautiful images as proof.

Hey! You know what to do next... schedule your engagement photo session early enough to make wonderful save-the date cards or magnets, gorgeous wall-art for your home or simply to share with family & friends online. Imagine looking back at these photos 20 years from now. These are memories that will be cherished forever!

A little bit about

Downtown Red Bank, NJ

Downtown Red Bank offers amazing views of the water and surrounding nature. This location is perfect for a relaxed engagement photo session with your significant other.

Whether you want to explore creative photo opportunities in the hidden alleyways and walkways, a walk around the beautiful park and waterfront, a leisurely stroll about town or sip on a latte at the Red Bank Coffee & Wine Bar, this place has something unique to offer for that perfect NJ engagement photo session, each and every time. The best part? You get to enjoy all the views without having to travel far from home!

So if you're looking for an engagement photo session in Central New Jersey where you can roam freely and take pictures anywhere your heart desires Downtown Red Bank is the place for you!

Visit this awesome location and take a stroll with your photographer any time of the year to capture some gorgeous engagement photos only Downtown Red Bank can offer.

We'd love to be part of your adventure and capture these special memories for you, so please get in touch if that sounds like something you'd like for us to help with. Give us a call or set up a zoom session today for your engagement photo session at

It will be an investment you will not regret!




"We had an amazing time during our photo session. Our photographer was very attentive & knowledgeable about poses & different spots for our shots. He gave great direction while also allowing us to make suggestions for poses too. The best part is you can book them based on what makes sense financially which is great because we were on a budget and they worked with us to give us the package that we wanted."

"I loved my experience working with Abella Studios on my Engagement pictures, they made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. I didn't think I was photogenic at all but they really made me feel like a super mode!"

"Abella Studios couldn't have done a better job than what they did for us. We had a wonderful experience with our photographer during our engagement photo shoot and it was well worth the investment, I can't stop looking at them!"


Downtown Red Bank, NJ


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