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Engagement Photo Sessions

Downtown Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Abella Studios have captured photos at many locations throughout NJ, NY & PA and encourage you to select a location that is important to you and is one that holds significance for your relationship. Doing an engagement session is a wonderful opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day. It is the perfect chance to learn about how Abella Studios operates, so that you can feel confident and relaxed when it comes time for your Big Day. Engagement sessions typically include an 45-60 minute session with one of their professional photographers, an online gallery to easily share photos with family & friends on social media or to create beautiful wall-art to showcase in your home.

Your Abella Studios' engagement session at

Downtown Philadelphia, PA

presents a perfect opportunity to work with and get to know one of our professional, friendly photographers as you practice loosening up in front of the camera prior to your BIG DAY.

You will be blown away by the creative approach our

Philadelphia County

photographers use as they capture the true feeling of being in love and the celebration of your engagement. Our fun, creative approach to engagement photography ensures that you'll get a wide range of photos from different angles and backgrounds of your special time - we promise it will be worth every second!

Engagement photos are an excellent way to capture your love story before your Big Day! They’ll make the perfect save-the-date cards or magnets, gorgeous wall-art you can hang up in any room of your home for everyone to admire or to share them on social media with family & friends, letting the whole world know that your Big Day is just around the corner!

A little bit about

Downtown Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia has so much to offer in terms of engagement session photos that you will most certainly want to extend your photo session time. We have narrowed down our favorite locations to just a few picks and shared them below...

LOVE Park: Officially known as John F. Kennedy Plaza, LOVE Park, is a fantastic place to take skyline shots of Philly because it offers three amazing angles worth shooting. The first angle is towards City Hall where you can see some historic buildings that will make your jaw drop! Second angle would be getting those skyscrapers downtown and/or an amazing view of Robert Indiana's famous LOVE statue standing tall -- perfect for dusk pictures when all those lights begin to shine like diamonds around you. And third would entail pointing outwards at something far off into the distance - say Central Park or Old Man River. This shot looks especially great after dark. LOVE Park is also a great photo spot during the holiday season when it's home to some of Philadelphia's best Christmas Markets. This urban plaza's spaces can yield some epic engagement photos at night! From here, you are just one hop, skip, and a jump away from City Hall, so take advantage of both locations, if possible when shooting your engagement photos here at LOVE Park in this amazing city that never disappoints and is just perfect any time of year!

Philadelphia City Hall: It is the largest municipal building in America, and was built during an era where skyscrapers were still rare. It took 30 years for this architectural masterpiece to be completed; it's no wonder that people are eager to take advantage of its historic beauty by incorporating sexy urban portraits into their sessions here! We're not just talking about couples looking at each other through posed shots either - there's also plenty of room on site (and near) if you want some really intimate photos captured between two lovers who choose not only love one another but commemorate all those happy memories together too.

Philadelphia Museum of Art: This Museum is not just a famous filming location and the gateway to an amazing art museum, but it also provides fantastic views of the Philly skyline. From top-of-the steps it's possible see all that this city has so beautifully crafted for us from its George Washington statute at bottom along Benjamin Franklin Parkway down through LOVE Park! The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a must-see for lovers located at the end of Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The iconic features are loved by all who visit, with its beautiful gardens and stunning architecture.

Broad Street: For those looking to get a unique view of Philadelphia, look no further than the median on Broad Street. From here you can capture stunning images that give insight into what it was like when this area used to be filled with industry and commerce instead! We love taking pictures of the city from this spot and It's one our absolute favorite places to shoot engagement photos because you get an amazing view of not just City Hall, but also historic buildings like Independence Hall and Old York Road Church. The best spot is between Sansom Street near City Building No 1 - which was once home for many mayors in Philly- down towards Walnut street with this gorgeous green space called Logan Circle Park right there too.

South Street Bridge: There's a reason the South Street Bridge is such an icon of Philadelphia, and that's because it provides some of THE most amazing views. From downtown skyscrapers to historic mansions on both sides (you can even see Fairmount Park from here), there are so many things you'll want for your engagement photos! From here, there is an amazing view not only of Philadelphia but also the water below and beautiful landscapes along Schuylkill River Trail's boardwalk as it snakes towards town. There are many spots in these areas that would make great engagement backdrops like bridges or sculptures with ample space to spread out on!

Fairmount Water Works: Located behind the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Fairmount Water Works offers a unique view of the city, dominated by the museum. Built in the early 1800s to provide safe drinking water for the city, this site is not only historic, but also features amazingly beautiful architecture. This is a great place to watch the sun set over Philadelphia, as there are fantastic views both upstream and downstream along the Schuylkill River. While it is near both the Rocky Steps and the Spring Garden Street Bridge, the wonderful architecture of the waterworks and the Philadelphia Museum of Art offer a unique view that you can't get elsewhere. The Fairmount Water Works is a place of beauty and wonder. The Philadelphia skyline can be seen from its Neoclassical architecture, which was originally designed to house an interpretive center for water conservation education on the Delaware River watershed - with past presentations about how it shapes us now as well as our hopes for what comes next! Set against nature's own dramatic Schuylkill River views, this spot offers many photo opportunities for engagement sessions or proposal shoots, thanks in large part to an incredible backdrops that seem like they are straight out of childhood story book illustrations.

We'd love to be part of your adventure and capture these special memories for you, so please get in touch if that sounds like something you'd like for us to help with.

Give us a call or set up a Zoom to learn more about our engagement photo session packages at

It will be an investment you will not regret!




"Abella Studios couldn't have done a better job than what they did for us. We had a wonderful experience with our photographer during our engagement photo shoot and it was well worth the investment, I can't stop looking at them!"

"We had an amazing time during our photo session. Our photographer was very attentive & knowledgeable about poses & different spots for our shots. He gave great direction while also allowing us to make suggestions for poses too. The best part is you can book them based on what makes sense financially which is great because we were on a budget and they worked with us to give us the package that we wanted."

"I loved my experience working with Abella Studios on my Engagement pictures, they made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. I didn't think I was photogenic at all but they really made me feel like a super mode!"


Downtown Philadelphia, PA


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