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Page Spreads & Images

Page Spreads & Images


Before placing any online orders please refer to your service agreement for the number of images, pages & type of album you have included with your photography package. If you are approaching the maximum or are unsure of your spread number, please contact our studio prior to placing your order.


*Our albums have a maximum number of two-page spreads and most top out at 30-35 spreads and can hold up to 200 images. Each additional spread, which is 2 pages, can be added for $50. Extra images can be added at $75 for every 5.


You can add more spreads to your album without adding more images. However, if you are adding more images, you will need to add more spreads to your album. A good rule of thumb is that for every 5 images added, you will need to add one spread.


Please use the below key to determine how many spreads you will need, based on the number of images you wish to include in your album and place your order accordingly. 


Number Of Spreads/Pages is determined as follows...

# Of Images # Of Two-Page Spreads* Total Pages*
40-6010 Spreads  20 Pages
60-9015 Spreads30 Pages
90-12020 Spreads40 Pages
125-150+25 Spreads50 Pages


EXAMPLE: If you have 70 images included in your package, your album will automatically include 15 spreads. If you wish to increase the images in the album to 100, you will need to place an order for 30 images and 5 spreads.


If you are considering large quantities of images/spreads, we suggest taking advantage of our “Special Add-On Packs”, which are a great way to enhance the design of your album and Save at the same time!

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