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Double-Sided Save-The-Date Post Cards


Our Save-The-Date post cards are a perfect way to announce your special day!  These double-sided, multi-image Save-The-Date post cards come in two sizes, a standard 5.5 x 4.25 or The Enhanced 7.1 x 5.5, printed on a lushous, 14 pt. matte paper, which is perfect for hand-writing personal messages. Greeting is not customizable and will remain as shown. 


    1. Choose your Save-The-Date card by selecting the style number in the drop-down menu that corresponds with the style number on the top left of each Save-The-Date card option.  The only things that will be changed are the names and images on the card templates.
    2. Enter your image number(s) from your ShootProof Gallery in the text box below.  If you select a card with multiple images, please leave the image numbers for Image A, Image B, Image C, etc. in alphabetical order, seperated by a comma. 
    3. Add your name(s) as you would like it or them to appear on your Save-The-Dates.  
    4.  Submit your order & we'll notify you as soon as it is ready!  Turnaround times are typically 2-3 weeks.  
  • - Save-The-Dates are printed on matte 14 pt. photo paper.

    - Envelopes are 5.75" x 4.5" for 5.5" x 4.25" standard Save-The-Date cards.

    - Envelopes are 7.25" x 5.75" for 7.1" x 5.5" enhanced Save-The-Date cards.

    - Filters and coloring will remain unchanged.  

    - Written message will remain unchanded.

    - The name or names provided above will be used to replace the entire text with first, last, and/or family name(s) in the above templates.  

    - Turn-around time is 2-3 weeks. 

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