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Benefits to having a 2nd videographer for your wedding day's video coverage.


Although wedding photography is very important to your Big Day's coverage, wedding videography has its own unique benefits. If you're already leaning towards investing in wedding video coverage, you've undoubtedly come to the realization that photography & videography differ dramatically and you may now be on the lookout for that unique videographer who can tell your wedding day's tale in the most innovative and spectacular way possible.

We propose that by having not just one, but two videographers, documenting your wedding day, you will have peace of mind knowing that there are two professionals who work together as a team, communicating throughout the entire wedding day, troubleshooting and solving any issue that may arise, being at the right place at the right time with cameras pointed in the right direction, utilizing a cinematic multi-angle approach to capturing your wedding day, getting those wonderful action-reaction shots, and generating lots of options to choose from when it's time to pull together your final edit. :)

While many couples choose to hire one videographer, there are lots of benefits to having two for their wedding day coverage. Below are a few that we thought of...

More angles, more coverage. Details, details, details.

One videographer might be able to get a few great shots of the details you've worked so hard to share with all your friends & family, but there's no way they can capture everything from every angle with just one set of eyes and through one camera lens!

Having a second videographer will make it possible to capture even more of those special details on your wedding day. From the ever-so-cute flower girl dresses to the tiny photo of your grandma attached to your bouquet, saying she's here watching my big day unfold, from the carefully selected boutonniere that you'll put on your dad's lapel, to the sea of petals running along the aisle of your ceremony, from gorgeous table centerpieces to the ornate cake decorations - all those little touches that undoubtedly deserve recognition too!

With an additional videographer along for your big day, you can be sure these will get captured beautifully, no matter how intricate they are. You're sure to get plenty of footage to work with - and having more video is never a bad thing!

Great for creative shots.

Slider, glide-cam, drone and time-lapse footage can generate creative and beautiful moving memories that help tell your wedding story in a unique way. Having two videographers allows them to utilize additional cinematic tools and the flexibility to take creative chances as one remains focused on a primary shot staying on a tripod while the other can use their gimbal and get that ultra creative gliding shot. Having that flexibility and capturing a mix of shots means you'll have a multitude of wonderful options to choose from for you final edited film!

Those wonderful moments when you both get ready for the BIG DAY.

While it can be very nice to have one videographer dedicated to capturing the bride's wedding-day preparations, sometimes that means there might not be a camera present documenting the preparations of the 2nd most important VIP of your wedding day - the groom! Having two videographers start their coverage at both the Bride & Groom's preparation locations allows for the telling of your complete story as the day begins to unfold, ensuring each special moment is captured perfectly even if it's happening on the other side of town, and producing creative separate angles of the same timeline to be incorporated into your final edited film.

The peace of mind that you're in good hands. How important is that to you?

If you're considering to have a close family friend or relative ("uncle Bob") willing to shoot 2nd camera footage for you, having your officiant hold their phone out during the vows or setting up your iPad in the church balcony or in the corner of the reception ballroom, none are ideal solutions for capturing a 2nd angle perspective of your wedding day memories. None can match the footage captured through the lens of a 2nd professional videographer. With a 2nd videographer, the bride and groom can rest assured that all angles are covered by a professional and they can relax & enjoy their Big Day, rather than spending it worried about "uncle Bob"! The probability of his missing important moments, because he is sipping on a cocktail at the the bar, or due to the lack of experience to professionally document the most important day of your lives. Having a 2nd professional videographer capturing footage simultaneously with the main, provides that very important comfort level and feeling that you're in good hands and gives you twice as many creative video options, allowing for a uniquely personalized video. You'll thank your lucky stars that you chose the latter option when you're blown away watching your final edited wedding film!

Great for multi-angle cinematic shots during your wedding reception.

The dance floor is always one of the most vivid parts of any reception; yet since the videographer only sees from one point of view, it can be difficult to get those great shots that truly capture the passion and excitement from multiple perspectives. During key parts of the reception timeline - such as when you have a special toast or even during your first dance together - one videographer can focus on you so he doesn't miss any precious moments, while the other can switch gears and shoot important footage from across the room at the same time. Having two videographers working together adds a truly cinematic value to your film by capturing various angles and creative footage when it comes time for the introductions, first dance, parent dances, toasts and all the crazy party dancing thereafter, thus generating plenty of creative footage to work with in the edit afterwards, ensuring that your wedding day coverage is just fantastic!

Lighting flexibility is so important.

Since having multiple videographers working together means there are multiple camera angles being shoot at once gives the shooters more freedom with how they utilize lighting over the course of the day (and night). These days, with professional cameras improved sensitivity to light, videographers are increasingly relying on natural lighting although on-camera or standalone lighting is still key to capturing those important moments of the wedding day. Having two videographers allows them to utilize a combination of natural & external light throughout the day and night when needed, without overwhelming those who are in front of the lens and remaining unobtrusive as they capture all the creative footage of your wedding day.

More opportunities for epic group shots.

Not only can these be some of the best & fun video clips of the reception, they oftentimes are some of couples' favorite wedding day moments. Those fun group shots! Whenever two videographers are covering a wedding, they can work together or individually cover the reception, capturing footage of everyone from multiple angles and in various spaces. Some love being in front of the camera, while others may just chill at their table. We can assure you that many of your guests most certainly love to be in your film! Friends and family members are often very excited to "ham it up" in front of the camera as they party at the reception :) With two cameras going at once, there's no limit as to how much footage can be captured, featuring people from all corners of the ballroom throughout your reception. Clips of the bridal party as they tear up the dancefloor, large family groups posing for photos in the back corner, your high school or college friends doing a shot at the bar - if you want to ensure that all of these memories are captured, having two videographer coverage is simply a MUST!

Extra backup = smooth sailing.

Since not many things go as planned on wedding day, you can rest easy knowing that you've got an extra videographer to rely on, should anything ever go awry. We know how important your day is to you and that any little hiccup can ruin it. Again, it's rare but there may be a need to swap out for fresh batteries during a key moment or one of the videographer needing to step away for a few minutes to use the restroom, just as the DJ announces a special toast. Having two videographers at your wedding absolutely decreases the chances of missing any special moments. Both of your videographers should continuously communicate and be on the same page, working together like a well-oiled machine...which will ensure that all moments are captured, unobtrusively, with none of your family & friends even realizing that the two videographers were even there!

Change of plans = more angles.

We'll say it again - weddings are hard to predict! Sometimes things change on wedding day that end up working out better than expected and having another shooter around helps them capture footage from different angles and vantage points that otherwise wouldn't have been seen by a single videographer. It also means that they're not stuck in one spot all day and can move around freely, explore other cool angle opportunities and create a spectacularly dynamic wedding video for you guys :)

More angles = more creativity.

You would be surprised at how often we experience this...the moment when we're editing your video for hours on end, wishing we could just go back in time and film the same scene from a 2nd perspective! Well, you can get ahead of this thing before the wedding day. By adding a second videographer who would be capturing footage simultaneously with your main videographer, the possibilities are endless in the way your wed

ding video can be edited, to create a truly unique and cinematic wedding day film.

The "what ifs" and "what happens then?"

We always say that "the production crew" is almost as important as "the wedding party"... well, maybe not quite :P But seriously, having two videographers there means that they can quickly begin filming at any point during your wedding day - preparations, first look, ceremony or reception - if something ridiculously awesome happens without warning, your videographers are there to capture it all :) For example, what if the groom begins to weep when he sees her for the first time as she approaches him walking down the aisle, what if the groom's mom starts crying during the ceremony because she's so happy for her son, what if the bride's dad sheds a tear during that special father/daughter dance...There are so many other "what if" scenarios. Wouldn't you want a camera pointed in the right direction at all times? Yeah... us too ;)


We know that having two videographers on your wedding day is definitely an added expense but you get what you pay for! We've had countless clients tell us how helpful it was having two videographers there who knew exactly what they were doing and didn't miss any key moments of their wedding day. Having two videographers provides endless possibilities for creative cinematography, capturing moments from multiple angles, allowing for use of multiple cameras, communication throughout the day ensuring that the videographers are in the right place at the right time, all activities being recorded, and if something malfunctions then working together to prevent anything key from being missed.

Experience is crucial and this isn't our first rodeo!

Abella Studios has been shooting wedding videography for years, 28 and counting, with thousands of weddings captured since 1993. The Abella Studios' team knows exactly what they need to do and how to handle any situation they are presented with. As you can see when it comes to having two videographers at your wedding day, there are so many advantages and working with Abella Studios to take care of every detail in capturing your wedding day memories is simply one of the smartest wedding day decisions you will make. We pride ourselves in our work and are always sure to leave our brides & grooms 100% satisfied as we capture their wedding day memories.

You can just sit back and relax, knowing that we have you covered!


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